About Us

KSM, the Maccabi Research and Innovation Center, was founded in 2016 in cooperation with Morris Kahn and Sami Sagol.

KSM has unique access to Maccabi’s professional abilities and wealth of medical knowledge, including a large database of 2.5 million members with 30 years of data collection.

We are a strong force in multiple global health areas -

our Innovation & Big Data utilizes advanced data sources and AI technologies. We have founded Israel’s largest Biobank (over 750K samples collected and analyzed), Clinical Research activities, and a highly awarded Epidemiological Research department.

KSM is leading advanced global health improvements by partnering with well-known scientists, researchers, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, startups, and tech companies to create and expedite medical breakthroughs.

Our co-operations within the global health ecosystem allow us to deliver groundbreaking discoveries and solutions - shaping the future of health.

To contact us please email info@ksminnovation.com

For all internaional media requests please contact: 

Dvir Assouline, PRO PR: dvir@propr.us 

Joe Berkofsky, PRO PR: joe@propr.us