Dr. Tal Patalon's podcast

A matter of life and death

Episode 2 Season 3

Prof. Avi Loeb

Astrophysicist, Director of the Institute for Theory & Computation, Head of the Galileo Project, Harvard University

"Pulling the plug on sentient AI would be just like pulling the trigger and killing a person"

The possibility that humans are not the most intelligent beings in the block is practically a fact for him. After years of searching for intelligent forms of life throughout the universe, the Israeli-American astrophysicist Prof. Avi Loeb believes that some of them already exist among us in a mechanical form. In a conversation with Dr. Tal Patalon in her podcast "A Matter of Life and Death", he talks about his vision for the integration of machines into society, the great revolution to come in human history, and the moment we make contact with aliens.