Dr. Tal Patalon's podcast

A matter of life and death

Episode 11

Brock Pierce

Bitcoin Foundation Chairman And Entrepreneur

"Everyone has the potential to be a superhero, and a lot of people are lost because they don't realize that their life matters"

Technology is one of the forces allowing minority, or a small of people to express themselves with unique perspectives. Brock Pierce is a true superhero in the space and one of the world’s most prominent Crypto pioneers. Serving as Bitcoin Foundation Chairman And Founder of some of the most successful and intriguing projects within the blockchain community, is highlighting that it's not just our right but an obligation to speak up. In an exceptional conversation with Dr. Tal Patalon, on health and the metaverse, futuristic data distribution ideas and more, he emphasizes the significance of extreme opinions for social progress and how every individual holds a unique power that cannot be replicated.