Play Zone

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Who doesn't like to play?

As gaming and health verticals are on the rise more than ever, we are creating a new vertical to combine the two and take Health Gaming to the next level. 

Our vision is to act as a global playground to nurture and develop new ways to support patients and caregivers throughout the various health verticals. 

We focus on 3 key areas:

Diagnostic Gaming

Therapeutic Gaming

Medical Education

Playzone has launched its first health sprint program, resulting in various potential projects led by a team dedicated to expand and develop our initial activities into a leading health gaming platform

Our first program's co-winners were:


Memento, a therapeutic game around cognitive decline, is based on a finals project submitted By Nofar Laor as part of her design studies. The idea behind the game is a cognitive exercise based on personal memories in a simple gameplay with "memory cards”.


The second team that co-won the sprint is Diabattle, with the idea to support teenagers and children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The game guides and teaches players the in-and-outs and "must-do" or "don't-do" of managing life with Type 1 diabetes.



Other initiatives in the first program tackled topics such as physiotherapy, mental health, nutrition, and well-being.