Sigal Dadon-Levi

CEO of Maccabi Healthcare Services

Sigal Dadon-Levi is leading Maccabi, Israel’s top HMO, into a new era of healthcare services. While overseeing Maccabi’s Assuta hospital network and clinics, a chain of 100 pharmacies,  a range of senior living facilities, over 10,000 employees,  and a budget of almost $6 billion, she is working to establish a robust foundation of hospital and community-based medical services for the organization’s 2.7 million members.  Dadon-Levi has intricate knowledge of Maccabi and has introduced a distinct vision grounded in ethical leadership, teamwork, collaboration and excellence. In addition, she is promoting the use of integrated medical technologies (IoT, AI, electronic records, remote monitoring and more); personalizing clinical and home care, and developing patient-centered approaches.  Under her leadership, Maccabi has seen a surge in membership.

Dadon-Levi is featured in Globes’ 2022 list of 50 Most Influential Women and Forbes 20222 PowerWomen list, as well as Maariv’s list of Most Influential Women published  in 2020. She was also named one of 50 Female Trailblazers in 2018 by The Marker.  As a member of the Government Companies Authority’s team of directors, she served for six years on the board of directors of TransIsrael and Ayalon Highways.

Sigal Dadon Levi has been CEO of Maccabi Healthcare Services since August 2021. For almost three decades she has contributed to the organization’s development and growth through various positions, including  acting Head of the Operations Division, Head of Marketing and Services, Head of the Sharon District, and more recently, Head of the Maccabi Vaccination Campaign during the COVID 19 pandemic. In the past, she also headed Maccabi’s Pisgah program, designed to cultivate talented managers for executive positions.

Dadon-Levi has a BA in Social Sciences (with distinction) from Bar Ilan University, an LLB (with distinction) from Bar-Ilan University, and an MA in Public Administration (with distinction) from Haifa University.