Data & Disease Registries


Maccabitech has access to the massive medical database from Maccabi Healthcare Services. Comprised of over 2.5 million members, over 30 years, the database includes demographic patient data, lab results, clinical visit records, pharmacy purchases, scans, and images.


In addition, the wealth of longitudinally-collected medical data provides an important and unique advantage: the ability to analyze a single patient or specific group of patients and follow them for years, and in some cases—even decades. Longitudinal data is useful for analyzing diseases and medication patterns in epidemiological research.

Available Data

  • Demographics (age, sex, immigration, residence)

  • Household members

  • Mortality or moving out of the country

  • Physician diagnoses

  • Prescribed and dispensed medications

  • Hospitalizations and ER visits

  • Lab tests

  • Medical visits

  • Millions of imaging results: 

    • CT

    • X-Ray

    • MRI

    • Colonoscopy

    • Mammography

    • OCT

Disease registries