Maccabitech, the epidemiological & clinical research arm of Maccabi Healthcare Services at KSM, has a faculty of over 15 research scientists who lead studies in epidemiology, data science, and healthcare services research. Our major research avenues cover a wide range of therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular disease, rheumatology, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, preventive medicine, neurodegenerative conditions, cancer therapeutics, infectious diseases, maternal and child health, osteoporosis, and much more. Embedded in Maccabi Healthcare Services, one of the world's largest non-governmental non-profit health providers, is research heavily based on rich electronic data that spans over 30 years and over 4 million medical records. Using high-quality data and cutting edge analytics, Maccabitech is devoted to expanding knowledge and to enhancing the quality of care to our members.

To contact us please email Adi Rennert,