The Tipa Biobank™  is the only large-scale biobank in Israel and is based on a nation-wide population cohort, which impressively consists of over 500,000 biologic samples.

The Biobank is an unparalleled research resource that includes a repeated sample policy for collection from participants throughout their lifetime. These biologic sample records are linked to a rich “live” electronic medical record. Via our regulatory-compliant and privacy protected repository of biological samples, we execute a wide range of genetic and biological studies, allowing major accomplishments and results for current and future research in order to advance true personalized healthcare to patients.

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Biobank Team


Daniella Beller, MSc

Head of Tipa Biobank & Strategic Alliances

Dr. Galit Rimler

Tipa Biobank Lab Manager

Ayelet Tik

Biobank Consent Coordinator

Naomi Cirkin-Madori, MSc, R.D

Research Lab Technician

Julia Bruchim,  B.Med.Lab.Sc

Research Lab Technician

Melanie Litz, MLT

Research Lab Technician

Faina Vladimirsky, MLT

Research Lab Technician

Ina Preiskel, MSc

Research Lab Technician

Anna Sobolenko, MLT 

Research Lab Technician