Research and Development 

The Research and Development department connects academic research, HealthTech developments and biotech companies to push health innovation forward. We support partners from ideation to implementation, and research our data with the Small-Big Data approach.


We conduct research while interweaving two perspectives:

‘Small data’ insights from clinical domain experts who understand patients’ journeys, including physician, nurses and other practitioners as well as ‘small data’ approaches to exploring the data

And, ‘Big Data’ analysis, with cutting edge methodologies to retrospective research.

We are particularly interested in exploring emulation of prospective clinical research through retrospective data analyses.


We work fast, maintain flexibility, and are solely interested in research with actionable results; our aim is to make clinical impact and better patients’ lives.


Dr. Sivan Gazit, MD, MA

Deputy Head of KSM,

and Head of R&D Department

Yaki Saciuk.png

Yaki Saciuk, MPH, MA




Guy Melamed

Head of Integration Department

Sonia spector.png

Sonia Spector


Eyal Nathan.png

Eyal Nathan