Dr. Tal Patalon's podcast

A matter of life and death

Episode 4 Season 3

Miri Ben-Ari

Grammy Winner Violinist-Producer-Humanitarian, UN Goodwill Ambassador of Music

"In order to invent something new, you must master the field and then forget everything you learned when you approach it again"

Celebrating Life and Music with Harmony. Just as in musical creation, life has its own harmony. In this sense, both the artist and a physician have a similar goal: to maintain this harmonic balance in order to maintain flow and momentum. Miri Ben-Ari, the Grammy-winning violinist, knows how to identify this harmony and specializes in it. In a captivating conversation with Dr. Tal Patalon on the podcast "A Matter of Life and Death", she delves into the deeper, harmonic essence of both life and musical creation, sharing the source of energy that creates them both. @miribenari