Dr. Tal Patalon, MD, LLB, MBA

Head of KSM Research and Innovation Center

Dr. Patalon is a passionate entrepreneur with a special interest in medical innovation and expertise in streamlining medical technologies from ideation to product. She brings a multidisciplinary approach to KSM’s activities that addresses ethical, medical, and legal perspectives in research.

She has developed and led the implementation of the integrative, Small-Big-Data research method at KSM. Under her leadership, KSM conducts groundbreaking research and helps develop tech-based medical solutions that ultimately inform global health policies and enhance healthcare services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Patalon conducted KSM’s real-world data studies in multiple fields, which resulted in fresh insights into natural immunity, viral load indicators, and more, contributing immensely to knowledge and management of the crisis.

Dr. Patalon oversees the Tipa Biobank™ Project, the largest Israeli biosample repository; through its activities, she is shaping an exciting vision for genetic research and laying the foundation for new medical breakthroughs.

As part of KSM’s global outreach, Dr. Patalon has built many successful partnerships with prominent health industry leaders and stakeholders, including strategic agreements for joint medical research with UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and Bahrain.

Dr. Patalon is an active clinician, specializing in family and emergency medicine. In the past, she served as Head of the Palliative Care Department and an EM attending at Wolfson Medical Center. More recently, she was Head of the Innovation Department at Assuta Ashdod Hospital.
Dr. Patalon also has an LLB and an MBA and is a licensed mediator.

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