Dr. Tal Patalon, MD, LLB, MBA

Head of KSM Research and Innovation Center

Dr. Patalon is the head of the Research and Innovation Center at Maccabi Healthcare Services, an Israeli healthcare organization serving 2.7M members. She is an active clinician specialized in family and emergency medicine, as well as a passionate entrepreneur and applied researcher promoting the development of innovative HealthTech solutions.

Previously, Dr. Patalon served as the Head of the Palliative Care Unit at Wolfson Medical Center, integrating palliative care with emergency medicine. More recently, she led the Innovation Department at Assuta Ashdod Hospital. She is currently a lecturer of Health, Big Data and Ethics at Reichman University’s prestigious MBA in healthcare innovation program. Dr. Patalon also holds an MBA, an LL.B and is a licensed mediator.

For the past four seasons, Dr. Patalon has hosted “A Matter of Life and Death”, a thought-provoking podcast that captivated a global audience. In each episode, she hosts international experts or key opinion leaders in a riveting exploration of main challenges and developments in the fields of science, technology, economy, finance, research AI, media, and more. Dr. Patalon is also a Forbes.com contributor, where she shares her views on healthcare innovation.

Dr. Patalon’s areas of interest include disruptive health technologies; the health market ecosystem; the impact of AI on the interdependent relationship between public health, personal well-being and the environment; the medical, psychological and ethical implications of genetic testing; the role of spirituality in the modern medicine.

At KSM she heads multidisciplinary research teams of clinicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and data scientists. She developed and implemented an integrative, Small-Big-Data methodology that reinforces the feedback loop between clinical insights and data analysis. Under her leadership, KSM’s groundbreaking research has yielded cutting-edge medical solutions, helped shape global health policies, and improved healthcare across the board.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Patalon led KSM’s real-world data studies; these research endeavors provided fresh insights into natural immunity, viral load indicators, and more, and facilitated data-driven management of the crisis.

Dr. Patalon oversees the Tipa Biobank™ Project, the largest Israeli bio-sample repository; through this initiative, she is shaping an exciting vision for genetic research and laying the foundation for new medical breakthroughs.

As part of KSM’s global outreach, Dr. Patalon has built many successful partnerships with prominent health industry leaders and stakeholders, including strategic agreements for joint medical research with UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and Bahrain.

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